Who We Are

Angel Touch Home Care has earned the status of being one of New Jersey’s home care provider companies with experienced employees. Our focus is on helping make the lives of the elderly comfortable and worth living.

We provide non-medical home care in Monroe, NJ, that is required and needed by our clients. Our office staff and caregivers work hand-in-hand to provide a quality life for senior citizens. We serve with passion and honor. Providing quality living is our priority.

Our approach to caring for our clients is unique. Before we accept to work with a client, we conduct an assessment of both their physical state and health status. After the assessment, our team knows what kind of home care service the client needs. We work cordially with our clients, and this helps us to know what keeps them holding on to life.

If you think you deserve the best and affordable care, then Angel Touch Home Care is the right place to go. What kind of care do you require? Live-in or Live-out? Please take a moment, go through the services we provide and choose what you need. We’re working for you, and your happiness.

We believe good relationship with our clients puts smiles on their faces. Good health goes with happiness and quality service. Our caregivers have all the qualities and skills to make this happen for you, so choose us and you’ll never regret it.

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Angel Touch Home Care

Angel Touch Home Care