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We offer both live-in and live-out nannies. Also, we have nannies who keep and take care of children in their own homes. Our nannies are trained and can be trusted. They know their job, and they do it with passion and love. Call us today to guarantee the wellness of your kids. Our nannies in Monroe, NJ, are waiting to meet you.

What Do Our Nannies Do?

A typical nanny, either live-in or live-out, takes the responsibility of dressing, feeding, and keeping children happy. A nanny is expected to take the children to functions if required. Our nannies care for the child they are assigned to; if the child is very young, the nanny changes the child’s diapers. A nanny helps with homework, schedules, and the child’s meetings with their schoolmates or friends. Nannies are not required to take any duties which don’t relate to the child they care for.

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Angel Touch Home Care